What is Canzocal+BMP?

Canzocal+BMP is a biological preparation, of natural origin, of amino acids and minerals in an organic form with neutral PH, essential during periods of greatest need (growth, convalescence, pregnancy and lactation), and also in order to delay aging of the bone tissue in elderly dogs.

Is Canzocal+BMP organic and natural?

Canzocal+BMP is a biological preparation composed of all mineral substances that are naturally found in the bone, in a physiologically correct ratio, with an organic contribution of collagens, proteoglycans and proteins.

Are the components of the Canzocal+BMP preserved during the production?

Canzocal+BMP is the result of a pharmaceutical process, developed to preserve the mineral structures and organic components of the natural raw materials.

What natural components and features does the Canzocal+BMP have?

Canzocal+BMP uses a natural compound, proteoglycans, with a natural chondroprotective function. It also uses specific proteins and amino acids of natural origin, as well as minerals and trace elements with neutral PH and also from natural origin.

Is Canzocal+BMP the most complete bone and joint (osteoarthritis) supplement in the market?

Canzocal+BMP is currently the most complete bone and joint supplement in the market for dogs and cats.

What are the indications for Canzocal+BMP?

These prescriptions are extended to all diseases of the bone, cartilage and ligaments at any age. It can be used preventively in growing puppies, in adults and in ageing dogs (from the youngest puppies to elderly dogs). However, it can be specially used as treatment or for healing purposes; in the case of posttraumatic or post-surgery bone or joint problems (osteoarthritis). It can also be very useful in cases of convalescence, pregnancy and lactation.

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