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Native from the Entlebuch region, in the Emme and Enteln valleys (in the Lucerne canton), the Entlebuch Mountain dogs are the smallest of the four Swiss Mountain dogs; they are also the least common.
The Entlebuch Mountain dogs are medium size dogs -40 to 50 cm at withers, well-proportioned and with a variable weight of between 18 and 28 kg, depending on the size and the sex of each specimen. Alert and very agile, with a kind and smart look. Good watchdogs and cattle shepherd dogs, they are incorruptible and loyal watchdogs and companion dogs.
They can have a long or a short tail. Their beautiful colours and, above all, the brilliant black colour with which nature have endowed them, causes the admiration of all and give the dogs a very clean look.
The Entlebuch Mountain dogs are very friendly, extremely alert and lively, but incorruptible and, if necessary, they are excellent protectors and watchdogs. They are very well educated, they neither wander nor hunt. They are lovely, faithful and they seek contact with their owners.
Unfortunately, they can barely do their job as cattle shepherd dogs that their ancestors handed them but in exceptional cases. However, they are very popular as watchdogs and protectors of the house and the family. They are loyal companions and a good companions, especially of children. The training task gives our canine companions great pleasure, whether they are trained as companions, as health rescue dogs, as searchers, as disaster-relief dogs, track dogs or avalanche dogs. They are also just excellent companion dogs.
Thanks to their medium size, they can easily live in a flat, as well as in other places. But given their origin and their dispositions, it is essential for these dogs to enjoy green areas.

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The Entlebuch Mountain dogs have a strong property instinct and always keep their coat immaculate. After a walk on a bad weather day through muddy fields, their torso and legs quickly regain their whiteness. Their short hair does not retain dirt and, even during moulting, the usual daily care can easily remove it. In snow time, ice is not formed between their toes. Another nice characteristic which is very rare: the Entlebuch Mountain dogs do not smell; even when they are wet, they do not give off a typically “doggy smell”.
They are country dog; often their owners are amazed by their endurance. It is not that they need to run all day; having a garden is enough. Some of them even live in flats, which is possible, obviously as long as they can enjoy regular walks.
This Mountain Dogs are always aware of their owners’ orders. Their surprising intelligence and sensitivity allow them to behave according to their owners’ wishes, therefore they return home at the first call or at the first movement.
Therefore, there is no need for training: treating them well is enough. They won’t distance from their owner in any case, and they will always remain close to them.
The Entlebuch Mountain Dogs have no hunting instinct, a highly prized property in companion dogs and, pleasingly, walks through fields and woods are incident-free. Professor Albert Heim rightly quote: “The Swiss Mountain Dogs are very old friends, evolved and close to humans, more than any other race.” All those who have experienced it, they certify it.
Fortunately, the Entlebuch Mountain Dogs are not fashionable dogs, but those looking for a companion in this dog will be pleased.
They adapt very easily to all environments, they are docile with their owner and affectionate with children.

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Entlebuch Mountain Dog from Joyeuses Gambades

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Walks of the Joyeuses Gambades’ Entlebuch Mountain Dogs

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